Minutes 2019

  JANUARY 17, 2019 – Open Dance Community Business Meeting          download pdf
Time: 6pm potluck / 7-9pm meetingLocation: Phil Murad and Helen’s home
                 22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell
                 phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511
                 heleng@igc.org / (425) 483-6511Convener: Martha
                     inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org /
                     (206) 367-0389Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Phil: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 Brian brian@briandina.com / (425) 485-2019Martha inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org /
(206) 367-0389Present: Brian, John (vfP), Phil Murad, Jahnavi, Martha (convener), Helen (scribe)
Interim committee: no business to report===Announcements==========Treasurer’s report:We have $2738 in the treasury plus approximately $600 cash from fall retreat.We saw good donations in December, and the retreat went well. Rent is paid through January. By shortening our hours we paid Keystone Church we paid $375 instead of $438 for the month of January.===Camp Burton Financial report=========
Martha passed out copies of her spreadsheet. For many reasons, we ended up with a surplus this year of $2,359.54. We have gained or lost small amounts for many years, so Martha recalculated several times.We had several drop-in dancers who donated generously.Travel and microphones cost less.6 people cancelled, but our cancellation fee had risen with Burton’s new policy.Scholarship donations were generous,and the cabins were filled completely, so we lost less per person on scholarships. Luckily, the number of people who came just fit into the cabins, so we didn’t have to rent an extra one.Special diet fees were averaged into the food costs for everyone, and Camp Burton reported they didn’t have much left-over food.Our 2017 Camp Burton rental expenses were $14,332, but this year our Camp Burton rental expenses were only $12,803.We decided to refund a proportional amount to one person who left mid-camp, consistent with our cancellation policy prior to camp.We discussed the option of obtaining a debit card to cover many of the up-front retreat costs, rather than the registrar paying for everything and then getting reimbursed. Murad and Martha will look into this and we will reconsider next month. Advantages would be more standard accounting/bookkeeping, and less financial burden on the registrar, though a disadvantage might be the ease of figuring out camp expenses versus
our on-going expenses.

Martha reports whole process went much more smoothly this year. Main problem was a plumbing issue in a women’s cabin. Clear policies made it much easier for registrar.Celebration of her heroic efforts and our surplus!Break with chocolateAverage attendance and donations:2018: 17 dancers (same as 2017), $94 (up from $87 in 2017),2019: 14.7 dancers, $91Shortened evenings at Keystone:The first week there was a little grumbling, but the evenings went more smoothly the next two weeks. Comments were offered about the ease with which a more concentrated walk and somewhat tighter break were offered. Getting home earlier in the winter dark has felt good to some.The experiment has been organized for three months, and we will continue to monitor closely.Access to Keystone Church:
For the last two weeks, Dance Leaders have had difficulty keeping one door unlocked for dancers. With the new locking mechanism, it will be essential to unlock both doors. The custodian was aware but had no solutions. Murad and Brian will examine the
doors more closely before Dance begins next Wednesday and Murad will bring it to pastor’s attention if it seems like a long-term problem.Global Peace Dance 2018:
Discussion was deferred, as Hayra, the main organizer, was not present.Global Peace Dance 2019:Brian suggested Lake City (Journey) Christian Church, where he attends a drum circle. The pastor told him she was open to use by community groups.It isn’t clear who will be coordinating Global Peace Dance in 2019.Dance Attendance–Survey Results:10 people responded, but most did not leave names; the first Monday was slightly favored by those who responded. We agreed that the response wasn’t robust enough to announce a concerted effort to gather attendance on the first Wednesday. Nonetheless, attendance has been up since the Community Day last spring.During the discussion, the idea of a quarterly potluck-plus-dance was introduced. We agreed to think about that option and discuss it further next month.Holiday cards:
The Seattle Circle wasn’t needed to address cards, but we sent $25 to the Colorado circle that did the addressing.Gospel Night?
A request was made for a night of Gospel dances. Murad will send out an email to the Dance Team about the request.Next Meeting: Wed-Feb 20Time: meeting 3-5:30pm / potluck afterwardsLocation: John Birnel’s / Jahnavi’s home.
                 719 N 68th St, Seattle
                  Jahanavie: developinglight@gmail.com / (206) 218-4498
                  John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129Convener: Murad
                   phil.notermann@gmail.com /
                  (425) 483-6511Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Murad: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389  FEBRUARY 20, 2019   –   Meeting CancelledTime: meeting 3-5:30pm / potluck afterwardsLocation: John Birnel’s / Jahnavi’s home.
                 719 N 68th St, Seattle
                  Jahanavie: developinglight@gmail.com / (206) 218-4498
                  John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129Convener: Murad
                   phil.notermann@gmail.com /
                  (425) 483-6511Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Murad: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389ZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOME  MARCH 21, 2019                 download pdfLocation: Brian’s home
Present: Phil Murad (convener), Helen (scribe), Brian, Martha (vfP)
Opening Dance: “Tree of Life” (sung)Treasurer’s report:
We have $3870 in our treasury. March rent is paid. We are saving $12.50 per night or $50 per month, and Camp Burton gave us a significant profit.
Average attendance: Average number of dancers per evening: 14.6, which is about the same as the first three months of 2018. Average donations per evening: $84, which covers the current reduced rent.Camp Burton:
Last deposit has been completed. We now have debit card with Martha’s name and “Seattle Dances of Peace” on it, so she can use that for most expenses. Evaluations still not compiled, and roster is not yet completed.2019 retreat: John and Hayra willing to help Martha with leader selection for 2019.
Ideally leader decisions and flyer will be ready for Sky Camp in May.Shorter evenings at Keystone:Brian: pleasantly surprised by feeling richer by condensing time, especially with small numbers. Dance leaders have managed sharing during break.Phil Murad: thinks it’s more attractive in terms of getting to people to come. The earlier ending has an appeal, especially in the winter. With aging dancers, getting home earlier feels good. It does make a difference in cost.Martha: notes feeling of surprise at fewer dances after break.Brian: most nights we do six dances.Martha: some leaders are shortening each dance to squeeze them in.Phil Murad: That may be happening, but also we’re being more efficient in starting the evening and teaching each dance. Also we’re taking shorter breaks with less socializing.Helen: likes a more focused break.Brian: if we got back to a bigger group, might need more socializing time.Phil Murad: hasn’t felt rushed to me as a leader♣ Martha: Planning group has to decide whether to continue through April. Leaders willmeet 4/27.♣ We agree to continue the shorter evening through April, until the next Dance Team meeting. We approve returning to a longer evening only if the Dance Team strongly desires it, and if the church approves extending the evening again.Gospel night: Recommended again to Dance Team.New Woodinville Dancer:
A new Woodinville dancer may return regularly, and could potentially become a liaison/contact for the UU Church.Handicap toilet at Keystone:
Brian suggested getting a portable toilet seat with arms and leaving it up on an on-going basis at Keystone, instead of having grab bars installed. This would also require the church’s approval. We have approval for a unisex bathroom when we are the only occupants, so we would only be buying one (approximately $60) and leaving it upstairs. Since there is a need for at least one of our members, Phil Murad will discuss the option with the pastor.Dance: “Go Sweep Out the Chambers of Your Heart”Next MeetingDate: Thursday, April 18
We may cancel this meeting if we decide there is not enough businessTime: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: Phil & Helen’s
                 22405 39th AVE SE / 425-483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.com         Convener: Brian / brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Murad: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 Brian: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389  APRIL 18 (Thursday) No Meeting – not enough businessTime: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: Phil & Helen’s
                 22405 39th AVE SE / 425-483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.com         Convener: Brian / brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Murad: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 Brian: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389It was decided that there was not enough business to warrant a meeting.NEXT MEETING – MAY 16
ZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOMEMay 16, 2019                    download pdfTime: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: Phil & Helen’s
                 22405 39th AVE SE / 425-483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.com         Convener: Brian / brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Scribe: HelenInterim committee:Murad: phil.notermann@gmail.com / (425) 483-6511 Brian: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389Present: Brian (convener), Helen (scribe), John (vfp), Phil, MarthaTreasurer’s report:$3760 in treasury, rent paid through May.Our average weekly attendance is 15.3, down from 17 last year. Our average weeklyDonations were $84, down from $94 in 2018.Keystone Church’s bank won’t accept electronic checks so Phil is ordering paper checks.AnnouncementsHayra and Phil are the leaders at “Sacred Chant Sacred Dance” at Johnson’s Landing in Canada in late June.2019 Vashon flyers are going to Sky Camp with early registration packets.2018 Camp Burton evaluations50 evals were returned and were generally positive. Main positives were “community” and “mix of leaders”.This was the first year with a new housing situation, but it seemed to work out. There
was only one negative comment about housing.Main negative comment was about chatter between dances. Requests from dance leaders between sessions might help. “Silence begins here” sign might help.There was one suggestion to encourage carpooling, which could be added to confirmation letter. One person had the experience that “male musicians huddled to exclusion of female musicians”. This lead to a general discussion about working in all the musicians who want to play. There was also a comment that “zikr not inclusive of non-sufi ldrs”.Martha will send the responses to relevant questions to the upcoming leadership.Bathroom seats
Latest suggestion from church was for a “safety frame”, not a full seat. Brian is OK with the suggested alternative even though the seat is still low. The item would not need installation since it is simply placed over the toilet. Estimated cost about $30. We approved up to $50. Phil will order and place it and notify the church.Doorbell sign
The doorbell is to the right of door, but difficult to see. It rings upstairs. If there’s an access issue, it might be useful for it to be better marked. A post-it could be attached to the sign that we put up every time anyway. Post-its and a marker could be kept in a ziplock bag in the suitcase.Extra lock
The new hook on the front door’s pushbar works well. Brian would like to request one for the other side. If the doorbell sign doesn’t work, we can pursue this option.Posts on Facebook
Posts that are non-dance-related show up on Seattle DUP Facebook page. Could we put notice on Facebook page that asks only for DUP-related posts? None of us were sure about the technicalities of banning a post. John monitors our Facebook page and his inclination would be to post a request for only DUP-related items. John will decide how much energy to put into monitoring the content.Shall we return to 3.5 hour rental period on Wednesday evening?
At the last Dance Leader retreat, five of seven Leaders preferred longer meeting. We had decided we have enough money to have longer meetings if desired, so finances weren’t part of the Leader group’s decision. Short evenings worked well in winter, and we are losing money on a weekly basis. We authorize going back to the 3.5 hour rental period assuming that Keystone church approves, with the proviso that the planning group will continue to monitor financial trends, and suggest that leaders consider shorter meetings in the winter. Phil will send out an announcement on dupnw once he hears from the church.Next Meeting (if needed / contact Martha for more info)
                                    Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389Date: Thursday-June 16Time: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: John’s place
                 719 N 68th St, Seattle / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net        Convener: Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389Scribe: HelenInterim committee:John:  (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netBrian: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389June 20, 2019   –   If Needed (contact Martha for more info)Meeting (if needed / contact Martha for more info)
                                    Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389Date: Thursday-June 16Time: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: John’s place
                 719 N 68th St, Seattle / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net        Convener: Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389Scribe: HelenInterim committee:John:  (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netBrian: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019Martha: inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org / (206) 367-0389NO MEETING
ZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOMEJULY – Open Dance Community Business MeetingNO MEETING  AUGUST – Open Dance Community Business Meeting                                                                       NO MEETINGZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOMESEPT 19   –  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdfLocation: John Birnel’s
Present: Martha (convener), Helen (scribe), John, Brian, Phil (vfP)
Dance: “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”
Quorum is present
Interim Committee report: no business
Announcements:Brian will have full time employment that may prevent his attendance at Dance and/or this meeting.Woodinville Dance may be suspended due to low attendance. Treasurer’s report: $2888 in treasury, paid through October. Insurance certificate has arrived but renewal cost unknown. Probably about $350-$375.===OLD BUISNESS==========Average attendance:
Average of 14 dancers in 2019 instead of 17 dancers in 2018, average donations $80 in 2019 instead of $94 in 2018. Center for Spiritual Living now is near John’s home. Possible source of dancers or venue. However, they will be remodeling for 6 months this winter.Shortened evenings:
Next Dance Team meeting is Oct 20.. We will have met the Thursday before. Should we move back to the shortened meeting (rental period ending at 9:30) for winter? After last year’s experiment, most Leaders preferred keeping the longer hours. We do have enough funds to keep the longer nights. Some dancers prefer going home earlier in the dark months. We decide to ask Leaders to revisit the issue, asking them to consider the on-going financial drain and dancer preferences for leaving earlier during dark months (for example, mid-November to mid-March). If there is a clear Dance Leader preference for the traditional hours, the financial situation isn’t at a critical level.A new venue might potentially be less expensive, but search for new venue so far has been unsuccessful. We brainstormed a number of area churches and John agreed to contact some of them. Woodland Park United Methodist church? Woodland Park Presbyterian? Phinney Neighborhood Center? St. Andrew’s Episcopal? Church in Seattle on Woodlawn? Churches near Northgate? What would we think about a day time dance? That would be a huge shift, less available to the public, an irreversible turn to smaller numbers.Camp Burton report:
54 people enrolled, including staff. 20 more are likely. We will lose several dancers to conflict with Jamiat. Matin will be the musician boshi, Elizabeth will lead decorations. Brian will print sign-up sheets.Bathroom seat:
Project is completed and works well. Thanks to Phil for ordering and installing it.Monitoring posts on Facebook:
John sent a reminder to one person posting non-Dance announcements. Also added a question to new people about their intention to post only dance-related items.===NEW BUISNESSs==========Request for money to print flyers:
Brian proposes, before going back to work, that he print a stash of colored flyers. Cost may be $20-40. Info on all flyers has been recently updated. Request approved.Additional unlocking bar on Keystone front door:
When bar pops off, door is locked and no one else can enter. Phil will ask the church for a second bar stabilizer. Sign about using doorbell falls off. We agree to tape the use-thedoorbell sign to our laminated Dances sign.Yahoo security breach:
Information about historical security breaches at yahoo between 2012 and 2016 was brought to our attention. Credit monitoring services or reimbursements for some expenses might be available, but the available fund is not large compared to the hundreds of millions of accounts that were breached. We would have to file a claim by July 2020, but there is no evidence of harm done. If we learn of harm, a decision about filing a claim could be revisited.Website issues:
Brian is no longer willing to post flyers and/or special events on short notice, nor to chase down correct information. Dance Leaders could be reminded at the next Leader meeting.Action items:
☯ Phil will call Keystone about locking bar.
☯ Brian will print flyers.
☯ Martha will bring tape for the doorbell sign.
☯ John will follow up on potential new locations.
☯ Phil and Brian will ask Dance Leaders to consider possibility of shorter winter hours.Closing Dance: “Fill Your Cup”Next MeetingDate: Thurs – Oct 17, 2019Time: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: Phil and Helen’s home – 22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell
                  (425) 483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.com        Convener: John / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netScribe: HelenInterim committee:John: (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netPhil: (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailMartha:  / (206) 367-0389 inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.orgOCTOBER 17, 2019  –  Open Dance Community Business Meeting         download pdfTime: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: Phil and Helen’s home – 22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell
                  (425) 483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.com        Convener: John / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netScribe: HelenInterim committee:John: (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netPhil: (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailMartha:  / (206) 367-0389 inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.orgPresent: Helen (scribe), Brian, John (convener), Martha, Tasnim, Phil (vfP)
Opening Dance: “Namaste”
Quorum: met
Voice for Peace: Phil
Interim Committee: nothing to report
☯ Aramaic Prayer will be held December 11, usual start time
Treasurer’s report:$2670 is in treasury, with insurance paid for the year and rent through October. Our bank
account has been open since 1992, a very long time for a small non-profit.Donations: average in 2019 is $78 per weekAttendance: average in 2019 is 14 dancers; we have had less than 15 dancers every night
since 6/19, a significant and prolonged decrease.
Fall regional retreat:
We have 54 full time paid campers, 2 scholarships, 3 Saturday only, 5 staff. We should have enough to break-even, but less than the 80 campers of the last few years. Jamiat is happening the same weekend in Pt. Townsend, a significant conflicting event. Cut-off for meals was today. Last year’s retreat gave us a financial windfall that won’t be repeated this year, though we
should at least break even.Keystone details:Door lock: Phil will request a similar prop for the other door.Doorbell: Worked last night. New sign is made and posted.Alternative Venue?
John researched a number of sites. Woodland Park United Methodist, 78th and Greenwood stands above others. It would cost $20/hour instead of $25 per hour, has parking lot, ADA access, an acceptable piano, and tea and cookies would be OK. Earliest possible date of move would be January 1. Who is not coming now, that would come and dance if there were no stairs? Where do our current regular dancers live, and what impact would this have on our core group?
Pros:We could have tea and cookies for more social connectionThe room would hold our energy more comfortablyThere is a parking lotStaff are very welcomingNo stairs and better ADA restroomsWindows easy to open or close in all weathersWe could be posted on Phinney Ridge blog if meeting thereCons:People just show up at Keystone after long absencesWe would give up years of built-up magnetismKeystone already has fine quality piano and ADA bathroomWe might lose current people with changeParking lot is below the church so there is an uphill walkWould be significantly more drive east-west, and also more difficult from south or east, although Hwy 99 could be used from the southNot a big savings in cost
Martha has done some research in Northgate area, is waiting for several places to respond, with no positives yet.Sustained drop in Attendance/Future of Seattle Dances
We are facing a clear and substantial reduction in the number of dancers. What responses are possible? Reduction in hours? Alternative venue? Reduced frequency of dances? Rent Keystone downstairs instead and include tea and cookies or a potluck? Increase the suggested donation? High-energy “revival” events with food and fun dances? Something we haven’t
imagined?How do we engage with our grief, and connect with the deep Spirit of Guidance on this big issue? How can we sense together what wants to happen here? What do our hearts really want? Phil suggested we spend some time asking ourselves what we really want, what we are still in love with. John and Helen spoke of a shift in awareness that comes with a unified group prayer set in beauty, kinesthetic movement and elevated intention.Next steps:Deeply ponder what we really wantArrange for group of leaders and dancers to visit Methodist churchPhil and Brian will raise issue of how to respond to reduced numbers at Dance Leader retreat, presenting the options discussed at this meeting. Could both dancers and leaders meet in early November to ponder the larger future of the Seattle Dances together?John will design a simple survey, run it by interim committee, and post it ASAP. He will contact Woodland Park church and tell them we wouldn’t make a decision until 11/21.Martha will report on responses from Northgate churches.Closing Dance: “Alleluia”Next Meeting Nov, 21, 2019Time: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: John’s home / 719 N 68th St, Seattle, WA                                     
                                      (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netConvener: Phil / 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailtScribe: HelenInterim committee:John: (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netPhil: (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail
ZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOME   NOVEMBER 21, 2019   –  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdfTime: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: changed to Phil and Helen’s home – 22405 39th AVE SE, BothellConvener: Phil / 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailtScribe: HelenInterim committee:John: (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.netPhil: (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail
Present: Martha, Phil/Murad(facilitating), Brian, John(scribing), Helen VFP, and N’Shama.Location changed to Phil and Helen’s in Bothell. A quorum was present.Announcements:John announced that DUP will be applying, with Hayra Fatah and Elizabeth Dequine involved, for the Dance themed Seattle Folk Life Festival this year. We will be counting on volunteers to help carry instruments, dance, etc.Opening Dance: Ala in 4 Directions. Opening song: Namaste (author Eric O’Dell).
Treasury report: is pending due to our being in the midst of large transaction related to the recent Vashon retreat.
VASHON CAMP REVIEW:All who attended agreed it was a marvelous weekend, buttressed by the amazing advance planning and attunement of the 3 members of the Dance Team, who skyped weekly for 4 months before the weekend.Martha reports that she corrected some errors in the invoice presented to us. Some profit to Seattle DUP is anticipated from the event.It is anticipated that prices for the camp will be adjusted up for next year.This year, a different host was on duty every day at camp, available via text 9am-9pm. That system took a little bit to get used to.Due to all the knowledge that Martha holds herself related to Vashon after many years as our registrar, she and Helen will meet for Martha to pass along some of that knowledge, so we will have better backup capability in the future.There was some difficulty with the microphones from American Music, two different types of headsets, and not synced at the beginning. Clear notes have been entered into our account in the American Music computer to reduce the likelihood of these kinds of difficulties in the future.N’Shama, one of the 3 Main Leaders for the camp, recommended all feedback from surveys etc. be sent all at once to the 3 leaders, for a smoother process.We also discussed how the process for other Dance Leader attendees to volunteer to lead as “guest leaders” during the weekend might be clarified in written guidelines, rather than informally suggested to the Main Leader Team. We also discussed encouraging early indication of interest in guest leading, maybe by our putting a checkbox on the registration form and the Team then making contact with those Leaders who check the box. Perhaps this could reduce last minute demands on the Main Leader Team, and increase the potential for a better coordinated program for the weekend.N’Shama, Phil, Helen and Brian will see if they can fine tune some recommendations along these lines re: guest leading, and guest musicians as well, at our Vashon Camp.N’Shama learned that there would be a woman attending the retreat who is deaf and that it would be helpful for her to have the words for the dances.  She provided as many of the words that she could, which was much appreciated.  It might be helpful to have future leaders provide this same support, if needed and if possible.ALTERNATE DANCE SPACE FOR OUR WEEKLY DANCE:We formalized our decision to not accept the offer to move to the Fellowship Hall at the church at 78th and Greenwood, after a group of leaders, musicians and dancers checked out the acoustics there and found it lacking.John reported on the results of the survey he sent out earlier in November asking how often the dancer had attended in the last 6 months, what difference it might make to their attendance if we were to move and any comments.24 responded (most of our regular Seattle DUP planning team did not formally respond). Of those, by indicating or implying, 17 would come the same, 4 would come more, and 3 less. Of those saying more or less, only one has come probably as often as 1x/month in the last 6 months, and that dancer indicated 78th& Greenwood would be OK.In optional comments section, # of respondents citing convenience as an argument for liking 78th& Greenwood better-2, ADA-3, inconvenience as reason to not like the move-3. # of respondents offering their preference to change-8, their preference to not change-4.We discussed other venues to check out.N’Shama, who has had recent experience renting with Phinney Ridge Lutheran, will contact them. She also may stop by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Parish Hall near 80th Ave. N. and I-5 re: cost and possibility of some evening other than Wed. (which they had said earlier was not available). She will also inquire of Jewish Synagogue possibilities. And, finally, she will check with CSL, near N. 63rd and Woodland Park on the West side of Green Lake.Martha will check out Haller Lk Methodist Church near 131st and I-5, and the church behind Dick’s Drive-In on N. 45th not far off I-5. She will also inquire of 2 Dog Yoga in Lake City near NE 125th, which has excellent acoustics and a sprung wooden floor, though parking is mostly on street.John agreed to coordinate the exploration of alternate sites.EARLY FINISH NOTIFICATION:John agreed to send out emails to DUPNW notifying dancers of our winter early stop time of 9pm vs. our usual stop time of 9:30pm. In addition to an immediate email, reminders will be sent out 12/15 and 12/30. Phil will notify the church.The change will take place the beginning of January 2020 until the end of March 2020.
YAHOO TRANSITION: Our list serve will be transitioned to another server. We may not have access to all of our data, but have rarely used it in practice. Our plan is to go forward with the transition, hoping it is relatively seamless, which other non-profits seem to be experiencing.DONATIONS:We discuss how we might increase the amount of money coming in so as to possibly increase our options in terms of acceptable alternative accessible venues, as well as to balance our budget long-term.We agree to setting up a donation icon on our website. Phil will apply for a Paypal account, and check with N’Shama for support from her tech saavy daughter if need be. Our interim committee will fine tune the “pitch” language to go on the website re: donations.N’Shama suggests we reframe our request for donations on Wed. eve asking that each dancer put something in, even if not $5-$10, if they are able.Helen will make a sign noting suggested $10-$15 donation for December 11th Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic event. She will be near the front door at the bottom of the stairs personing the donation jar, greeting dancers, and handing out the Lord’s Prayer translations from the Aramaic.We put off, for now, considering a suggested donation of up to $15, or personing the donation jar on regular Wed. evenings.CLARIFICATION RE: ADDRESS INPUTS FOR DUPNW LIST SERVE:Helen is the person updating the list serve email addresses.XMAS AND NEW YEARS EVE:Brian asked for counsel re: having Dance on Christmas and New Year’s Day, which fall on Wed this year. The Leaders group asked him to decide about those evenings. We settled on no dance Christmas Day, but if it appears soon that no Global Peace Dance is being organized this New Year’s Eve, then the January 1st Wed. dance will remain on the schedule. Phil will contact the church about Christmas. If New Year’s Day is cancelled, Brian will contact Phil about notifying the church about that as well. Phil will notify via DUPNW any schedule changes as well.CLOSING DANCE: Thy light is in All Forms
                  (206) 367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.orgScribe: HelenInterim committee:Helen /  (425) 483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.comPhil / (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailMartha / (206) 367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org   DECEMBER  –  Open Dance Community Business MeetingNo Meeting in DecemberNEXT MEETINGDate: Jan 16, 2020Time: Potluck 6pm / Meeting 7-9pmLocation: John’s 719 N. 68th Seattle.
                      jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129Convener: Martha /
                  (206) 367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.orgScribe: HelenInterim committee:Helen /  (425) 483-6511 / helengabel@gmail.comPhil / (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmailMartha / (206) 367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.orgZOOM LINKS | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | HOME

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